The Psychology of Atheism

From Ligonier Ministries The greatest terror that grips us is the thought of being held accountable before the uncompromising scrutiny of a holy God. In this brief clip, R.C. Sproul exposes the real reason why people profess to be atheists. Transcript: The Apostle is saying that there is a psychology to atheism. He goes on... Continue Reading →

Did Paul Reinterpret the Gospel Message?

I recently read a post where the author said, “the Jesus story would now be over and done with if it were not for Paul reinterpreting it into something it wasn't; substitutionary atonement designed for Gentiles as well as Jews.” I thought that was a very confusing statement, so I left a few comments with... Continue Reading →

Early May Presuppositional Apologetics Links

Courtesy of SLIMJIM of Domain for Truth: Here are links related to Presuppositional apologetics gathered between May 1st-7th, 2020. 1.)Refuting the Friendly Atheist Question 24 – Psalm 22 Says Jesus Won 2.) Tips on apologetics 3.) Bible Contradiction? Was Solomon alone when he sacrificed 1000 burnt offerings at Gibeon? 4.) The Worship of Logic and Mathematics 5.) Christian Kindle Book... Continue Reading →

E-books, Bible Studies, and Webinars – Free Stuff for May

FREE ebook “Christianity and Liberalism” by J. Gresham Machen– This is the latest free offering from Mongerism available in epub, .mobi and .pdf formats. FREE Bibe Study “Eschatology 101: An Exploration of the Christian’s Hope”- This free 12 week Bible lessons is presented by Reformed Youth Ministry to give not just for the curious but also clarity and hope... Continue Reading →

Does God Exist? 20 Arguments for God

I'm slowly working through my through Handbook of Christian Apologetics by Peter Kreeft and Ronald K. Tacelli. In the book, there is a chapter titled “Twenty Arguments for the Existence for God.” As a skeptic-turned-Christian, I thought it would be fun to work through these arguments from my perspective. Even though I'm a Christian now,... Continue Reading →

Majesty in the Orion Nebula

Since the beginning of humanity, we have been fascinated with the night sky. We've intuitively know that there's something bigger out there, something that created all of this. During our existence on Earth, we've devoted countless hours and spent an immeasurable amount of money to stare into the heavens. Over time, we've recognized shapes in... Continue Reading →

Late April 2020 Presuppositional Apologetics Links

Courtesy of SLIMJIM of Domain for Truth: Here are links related to the subject of Presuppositional apologetics gathered online between April 22nd-30th, 2020. 1.) Has presuppositionalism evolved? 2.) Bible Contradiction? Did Asa remove the high places? 3.) The Evolution of Moral Truth Claims (Podcast) 4.) Plato Undermines Atheism 5.) Practical Suggestions to Husbands/Fathers/Parents Regarding Video Games and Movies 6.) Review – A Matter... Continue Reading →

Apologetics Methods Free Audio Download

Today Credo Courses is offering an audio download absolutely free - Apologetics Methods with Robert Bowman. Based on his monumental work in apologetics, Faith Has Its Reasons, Bowman explains, compares, and analyses the four methods that apologists have used to defend the Christian faith through the centuries.   Classical Thomas AquinasC. S. LewisJ. P. MorelandWilliam PaleyR. C.... Continue Reading →

Dear Calvinists: Please Convince Me…

Many weeks ago in our small group, the discussion turned to Calvinism and Reformed theology. As I sat back and listened, I realized that I had little to no idea what everyone was talking about! Truthfully, Calvinism and Reformed theology were never topics that, up until now, I had never been interested in. I like... Continue Reading →

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