Mass Shootings and the Question Nobody’s Asking

The past couple of weeks have been awful. Three young men have abused their freedom and liberty to murder innocent victims. I’m not going to go into detail because the media coverage has been overwhelming. If you haven’t heard about them, just do a quick internet search and you’ll find them pretty quickly. Despite the... Continue Reading →

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Should Darwin Have Been Pro-Life?

Charles Darwin should have been pro-life. His theory, in my opinion, demands it. Unfortunately, he wasn't. He encouraged exterminating Australian aboriginals, enslaving Africans, and sterilizing those he viewed as unfit to propagate humanity.

Atheist PZ Myers has a Meltdown

Many thanks to Michael from Shadow to Light for sharing this information. See Michael's post here. It appears that atheist, evolutionist, liberal, and all-around rational thinker angry man, PZ Myers is in an all-out dash toward Democratic-controlled totalitarianism in response to the mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso, TX. In Mr. Myers' post, he... Continue Reading →

Why Do Atheists Hate the Cross?

I find it weird that one of the most offensive things to an atheist is a simple cross. Atheists claim that they are lanterns of reason, logic, and science. But becoming angry at the sight of a cross isn't justified by any of those.

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