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“Truth is under attack on all sides, even as we insist more and more on truthfulness in terms of record keeping and checking up on one another.”

N.T. Wright wrote that in 2006 in Evils and the Justice of God. Since that book was published, that statement has only become more apparent. “Truth is relative,” they say in one breath, then demand truth from people in the next. Lawsuits abound because one person’s truth is infringing on another’s. Politicians can’t agree to anything because “their” truth is superior. Families are breaking apart because the web of lies is suddenly exposed.

“What is truth?” Pilate once asked Jesus. He wasn’t the first to ever ask that question, and he certainly wasn’t the last. Relativism is everywhere. But like Pilate, many people don’t want an answer. Maybe they don’t think there is an answer. Or maybe they’re just not open to the idea that their idea of truth is wrong.

Even worse are the people who recognize that objective truth exists, but cower at the slightest hint of opposition. They’re labeled as bigots, hate-mongers, and every other form of name. The irony of this is that no matter who you are, no matter what side of the political aisle you’re on, no matter what you’re religion, you’ve already thought of someone else. The Republicans thought of Democrats; the Democrats thought of Republicans. The religious people either thought of different religions or atheists; the atheists thought of all of the religious.

Our purpose is to cut to the heart of the truth. If truth is discernable, and we think it is, then it should be knowable. If it is knowable, it can be known. And if it’s known, then it should be told.

We’re here to tell the truth.

But maybe we’re wrong. Maybe we’re mistaken. That’s fine. We’re not here to dogmatically shout the truth. We’re also here to be convinced. If you disagree, feel free to explain why. Truth is not relative, but it should always be open to discussion and dialogue.

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