Apologetics Methods Free Audio Download

Today Credo Courses is offering an audio download absolutely free – Apologetics Methods with Robert Bowman.

Based on his monumental work in apologetics, Faith Has Its Reasons, Bowman explains, compares, and analyses the four methods that apologists have used to defend the Christian faith through the centuries.  


  • Thomas Aquinas
  • C. S. Lewis
  • J. P. Moreland
  • William Paley
  • R. C. Sproul


  • William Lane Craig
  • Simon Greenleaf
  • Gary Habermas
  • Josh McDowell
  • John W. Montgomery


  • Greg L. Bahnsen
  • Gordon H. Clark
  • John M. Frame
  • Carl F. H. Henry
  • Cornelius Van Til

Reformed Epistemology

  • William Pane Alston
  • George Mavrodes
  • Alvin Plantinga
  • Michael C. Rea
  • Nicholas Wolterstorff

This download was originally $39.00, but Credo Courses is offering it for free today only!

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