Does God Exist? 20 Arguments for God

I’m slowly working through my through Handbook of Christian Apologetics by Peter Kreeft and Ronald K. Tacelli. In the book, there is a chapter titled “Twenty Arguments for the Existence for God.” As a skeptic-turned-Christian, I thought it would be fun to work through these arguments from my perspective. Even though I’m a Christian now, I still don’t find every single argument for Christianity compelling. There are actually only a small few that I consider to be convincing. Some of them I think are special pleading for God. Others, I think, are actually quite pathetic.

The authors do explain that they aren’t trying to show that any one argument will probably not convince someone that God exists, so they’re trying to make a cumulative case for the existence of God. Personally, I think that if any one argument is an unconvincing argument for the existence of God, then it shouldn’t be used because it actually hurts and diminishes your case.

Imagine if I had 50 arguments to show prove that the moon is made out of bacon, explaining that if you look at the cumulative case then you’ll find it quite convincing. Would you then be convinced that the moon is made out of bacon? I doubt it. The same is true for religious arguments. Having an argument for something doesn’t mean that it’s a good argument or that you should use it.

Hopefully you see that my purpose in this series is not to blindly support these arguments. My purpose is to give a layman and former skeptic’s perspective.

The arguments that the book addresses and that I’ll be looking at are:

  1. The Argument from Change
  2. The Argument from Efficient Causality
  3. The Argument from Time and Contingency
  4. The Argument from Degrees of Perfection
  5. The Design Argument
  6. The Kalam Argument
  7. The Argument from Contingency
  8. The Argument from the World as an Interacting Whole
  9. The Argument from Miracles
  10. The Argument from Consciousness
  11. The Argument from Truth
  12. The Argument from the Origin of the Idea of God
  13. The Ontological Argument
  14. The Moral Argument
  15. The Argument from Conscience
  16. The Argument from Desire
  17. The Argument from Aesthetic Experience
  18. The Argument from Religious Experience
  19. The Common Consent Argument
  20. Pascal’s Wager

I look forward to working through these, and I hope you do too.

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