Free Credo Course: The Ultimate Defense of the Resurrection by 6 Scholars

Credo Courses is offering another free course. This time it is The Ultimate Defense of the Resurrection of Christ by 6 Scholars in 10 sessions.

This course is originally listed at $199.00, but Credo is giving it away for free for a limited time. It includes audio stream and download, and video stream and download.

The scholars included in this series are:

  • Doug Groothuis – The Resurrection of Christ (Part 1 and 2)
  • C. Michael Patton – Defense of the Resurrection
  • Darrel Bock – The Resurrection of Jesus
  • Craig Blomberg – The Resurrection: Fact or Fiction
  • C. Michael Patton – Alternative Views of the Resurrection
  • Gary Habermas – Minimal Facts Method
  • Gary Habermas – The Hallucination Theory
  • Michael Licona and C. Michael Patton – The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus
  • Gary Habermas – Understanding the Skeptical Mind
  • Gary Habermas – Establishing a Connection Between the Resurrection and the Existence of God

This is an excellent apologetic resource that is available just in time for Easter.

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