Harry Potter, Richard Dawkins, and Atheists

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I’m a big fan of Harry Potter. That might surprise you since this is a website that is founded on a Christian worldview. I do think practicing magic is satanic. I also think seeking out magicians and/or spirits can be dangerous. However, I don’t think if I enjoy a fictional novel about fictional characters is going to send me to Hell. I don’t obsess about it, but I do think it’s an excellent series.

If you don’t know, Harry goes to a school called Hogwarts School of Magic and Wizardry. In some of his classes, he learns how to cast spells. These spells have different purposes and are to be used in different situations, but they all create something out of thin air. It could be something physical, like light, or it could be an action, like levitating an object.

If you don’t know who Richard Dawkins is, he’s a real-life Harry Potter. I’m inclined to believe that he also went to Hogwarts to study biology, but instead, he learned magic. He may have thought he was learning biology, but he really just learned how to cast a single spell.

Just one spell, you ask? Yes, just one. But it is the spell of all spells. It’s the spell that explains everything about physical nature. It holds more power than many other spells combined. It’s the only spell he needs. And unlike Harry, Richard doesn’t need a wand to cast it.

That spell is: Evolutionia!

Now, the big difference between Harry and Richard is that when Harry casts a spell, the spell is used to create an action in the present; it happens right then and there. For example, if he wants to levitate something, he waves his wand a certain way and says, Leviosa.

Evolutionia! can only be used after something has already happened. Perhaps even millions, billions, or possibly trillions (or zillions) of years after it’s already happened.

Unlike Harry’s spells, Evolutionia! doesn’t actually do anything to the physical world. It doesn’t change a single thing, All it does is give the spell-caster a sense of superficial superiority over others. It turns ignorance into bliss.

You see, Mr. Dawkins is a biologist who has a predetermined commitment to materialism. He cannot accept God’s existence, so he has to explain everything he sees in biology by other means. Like Richard Lewontin once said, “We cannot allow a divine foot in the door.” He can’t explain those means without God, so he casts this spell to add imaginative meaning to his willful ignorance.

Evolutionia! Evolution did it. We all came from rocks.

Mr. Dawkins has never seen macro-evolution take place. Nobody has. He’s seen micro-evolution take place. It takes place all the time. He’s witnessed bacteria create different strands of bacteria. And we all know that if you breed a Poodle and a Labrador, you’ll get a Labradoodle. (In other words, if you breed two dogs you’ll end up with… another dog.)

But he’s never seen bacteria evolve into a dog.

If macro-evolution were true, you’d actually expect someone to have witnessed it by now. Bacteria reproduce as an astounding rate. Microbiology Online says that E. Coli “can divide every 20 minutes. This means that in just 7 hours one bacterium can generate 2,097,152 bacteria. After one more hour, the number of bacteria will have risen to a colossal 16,777,216.”

Think that’s fast? Encyclopedia Britannica says Clostridium pefringes can reproduce every 10 minutes.

Evolution would have had to originally occur in nature. But today, we can encourage evolution by providing perfect laboratory conditions. And there are thousands of scientists studying bacteria now and thousands who have studied in the past.

So where’s the Lab in the lab?

Nowhere. Hence the spell.

Where did man come from? Evolutionia! Premodial soup. 

Why is the physical structure of birds so unique? Evolutionia! Random mutations.

Why is the cell so efficient? Why is DNA so amazing? Why is the eye so complex?

Evolutionia! Evolutionia! Evolutionia!

Richard Dawkins isn’t the only spell caster out there, either. There are plenty of Christians who believe in evolution (never mind the whole Genesis 1-2 story). But I don’t think these Christians take an honest look at evolution. They just believe whatever their public schools tell them. (For a good critique of evolution, read The Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Evolution* by Jonathan Wells).

This brings us to our next batch of magicians: Atheists.

All atheists are materialists. Therefore they’re already equipped with the evolution spell. But that spell isn’t strong enough to cover everything. It can just cover biology.

Atheists believe that there is no God; science is all-powerful.

But this poses a teeny tiny problem…

Where did the universe come from?

The major consensus from secular scientists is that the universe had a beginning. It used to be easy enough to deny the existence of God by claiming that the universe is eternal, but not anymore. The more we’ve been able to study the stars, space, and the universe itself, the more everything points to the universe having a time of initial existence.

So how do they explain it? With a spell, of course.

Stupidimus! Nothing + nothing = everything.

Wait, what?

From nothing, by nothing, comes everything.

There was no material (or matter) to have caused it. Matter didn’t exist before the universe. So it came from nowhere.

It also didn’t come by the means of anything, such as the collision between two super-mega asteroids. There was nothing that caused the universe to come into existence.

Therefore, the universe is in existence!

See how that works? 

Me neither.

Under no circumstance, under no situation, would this ever make sense in the real world. Ever. 

That’s exactly why it’s magic! 

If something as large as the universe can pop into existence out of nothing and for no reason, wouldn’t it be reasonable to think that everything could do that? But yet, reason, logic, and experience tell us exactly the opposite.

When we want a new car, we don’t wait for the universe to put one in our driveway. When we come home after being out, we don’t fear that a T-Rex popped into our living room and is now watching the television (sure, they’re extinct, but if the universe can pop into existence, why not a dinosaur?).

ENRON tried to practice this spell in real-time. Nothing happened. Money didn’t pop into existence to save the company.

Atheists are so desperate to avoid God that they deny all reason, logic, and experience and invoke magic to provide their answer.

Stupidimus!  0 + 0 = ∞

(Try that in math class and see what your teacher says!)

Some people may have more long-winded answers than others, but they all fall short. To have an answer, they must invoke a starting point or a materialistic reason. But to invoke a starting point, you have to have a point to start when there’s no universe. And to invoke a materialistic reason, you have to have some material when there’s no matter. They start with something, like a vacuum, call it nothing, and bippity-boppity-boo, you have the universe.

In other words… Stupidimus!

I joke about people like Richard Dawkins, evolutionists, and atheists in posts like this to illustrate the absurdity of their commitment to materialism and to show the lengths they take to avoid acknowledging God. They hate God so much that they have to hold on to what little they can to maintain their worldview, and they criticize anyone who argues differently.

Maybe they don’t actually hate God, at least not willingly. Maybe they love their sin so much that they refuse to acknowledge they aren’t the masters of their own life. They don’t want to be accountable to anyone else besides themselves. Admitting that they don’t have good reason to believe what they believe would automatically take them out of the driver’s seat of their lives. It would expose their magical spells for what they really are: different forms of self-deception.

The truth is, anyone of us could have been as they are. It’s purely by the grace of God that our eyes have been opened to see the world as he made it. We certainly didn’t open our own eyes out of sheer will-power. God soften our hearts to be receptive enough to see there was a Creator, and then he gave us the choice to accept him or believe in magic.

We ought to pray for Mr. Dawkins, atheists, and other like-minded people. Pray that God would touch their hearts in a way that they’ll respond like Paul, not like Pharaoh. Their eternal soul is at stake.

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