Why Do Atheists Hate the Cross?

I find it weird that one of the most offensive things to an atheist is a simple cross. Atheists claim that they are lanterns of reason, logic, and science. But becoming angry at the sight of a cross isn’t justified by any of those.

If atheists stayed true to their claims of being scientific elites, a cross would either be of no consequence to them, or it would confuse them.

1. Christians Celebrate a Horrific Mode of Execution

First and foremost, the cross was a method of execution perfected by the ancient Romans. It was so awful that Roman citizens were exempt from it. It was a symbol of submission to Rome’s supremacy. The ultimate sign of Rome’s power over the individual.

First, the criminal was beaten to a point where many people died at this stage. If they survived, they were forced to carry their own crossbeam to the sight of execution. Next, the criminal was stripped naked, the crossbeam was attached to the upright part of the cross and the person was nailed to the wood. Then they were lifted up and left to suffocate from the weight of their own bodies.

And this is the sign for Christians?

Even worse, they don’t just celebrate the crucifix, they celebrate the fact that a Roman felon with no money and almost no friends died this way.

Confusing? Weird? Dumb? Yes.

Offensive? No.

2. It’s Just a “t”

This post has 127 crosses up to the end of this sentence.

That’s a whole lot of crosses.

That’s a whole lot of offensiveness!

After all, what’s the shape of a cross? A “t.”

A t is the shape of a cross and a cross is the shape of a t. It’s not rocket science.

The simplest definition of a cross is this: a lowercase t made out of wood that was an instrument in which to execute criminals. I’ve never heard of a letter being offensive, even if it was made out of wood. Materials don’t naturally have meaning attributed to them. And so what if they come in the shape of a letter? Would it be offensive if it was any other letter?

The initial of my hometown is D. If they decide to put a big wooded D on the lawn of the city building to show off for the local festival, would anyone be upset? I don’t see why. Even if it was a lowercase “d” it wouldn’t be a problem.

But what if the city happened to be Tampa, Florida? Would it be a problem then?

Well, probably not to most people. But some atheist groups who have nothing better to do would throw quite a tantrum!

But why? Aren’t you a materialist? Don’t you know that matter isn’t imbued with magical meaningful properties regardless of what shape they take? Instead of being committed to materialism, they’re committed to hateful intolerance (all in the name of tolerance and acceptance, of course).

3. They’re Offended by What it Stands For

Someone might claim that it’s not the cross itself that is offensive, but what it stands for. After all, it represents the existence of God, and there can’t be a God!

That’s nonsense. Here’s why…

If anything that represents the God of the Bible, then they should find rainbows offensive. They don’t. They celebrate rainbows as long as it represents the LGBTQ(RSTUV…ect) agenda. However, the rainbow is originally a sign from the God of the Bible. Trying to change the context of a rainbow doesn’t change that it is still a sign of the existence of God. By celebrating a rainbow in any form, you are unwittingly acknowledging the existence of God.

Furthermore, Richard Dawkins once quipped that we all “dance to our DNA.” If our actions are a product of our DNA, as atheists claim, then they have no logical reason to be offended at the actions of Christians. Atheists contradict themselves when they claim that we are just products of evolution then turn around and claim that Christianity is offensive.

If we are truly products of our DNA, then morality is just as real as unicorns. Nothing can be right or wrong and nothing can be offensive. Atheists betray their disbelief in materialism and secularism soon as they claim something is offensive.

That’s the logic of atheism.

4. The Truth: They Hate God, Not the Cross

The fact of the matter is that we are all fallen creatures. We’re either saved by Jesus, or we are his enemy. There is no in-between. It’s embedded into us before we were born. We are all born in sin, born as sinners, and born enemies of God. Some become saved, some don’t. The ones that don’t stay enemies of God.

You see, atheists don’t find other religious symbols offensive. They don’t watch the movie Thor knowing that he was a Norse god and say “This movie should be banned because of its religious implications!” Why? Because we are not born enemies of false gods.

Their hatred of the biblical God, Jesus, and the cross is a testament to the reality of the triune God’s existence. They don’t hate Thor, Zeus, or Apollo. They don’t even hate Buddha, Gandhi, or the Dhali-Lama. Their hatred is focused on the God of the Bible and any implication toward him.

Why single out the triune biblical God?

Because He’s the only actual God they’re able to direct hatred toward. Hatred toward any other god would no different than hatred toward unicorns.

You can only hate things that really exist.

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