Majesty in the Orion Nebula

Since the beginning of humanity, we have been fascinated with the night sky. We've intuitively know that there's something bigger out there, something that created all of this. During our existence on Earth, we've devoted countless hours and spent an immeasurable amount of money to stare into the heavens. Over time, we've recognized shapes in... Continue Reading →

Harvard Professor Calls for a Ban on Homeschooling

From Albert Mohler: Homeschooling in the Crosshairs—Harvard Magazine Says Homeschooling Families Are a Threat to Democracy In a matter of just days, millions of American parents recently discovered that they are what they never planned to be—homeschoolers. It is ironic, therefore, that Harvard Magazine decided to run an article in its May/June issue entitled, “The... Continue Reading →

Easter and the Hope that We Have

As Easter quickly approaches, I find my thoughts turning from the COVID19 pandemic and political polarization to the cross and the resurrection. Even in the middle of the coronavirus crisis, I have hope. Not some sort of superficial, wishful-thinking type of hope, but a hope that runs deep through my soul. But, for many this... Continue Reading →

11 Weak Reasons to Leave a Church

People leave churches all the time. Odds are, sometime in your life you have left a church. There are many good reasons to leave a church, but the fact is people rarely leave for the good reasons. Here's a list of 11 weak (and common) reasons people leave a church. 11 Weak Reasons to Leave... Continue Reading →

How to Pray for Your Pastor

We often think that our pastor is some sort of superhuman. We unintentionally and unconsciously raise him on a pedestal. After all, he spends his career getting close to God. We somehow think that he does suffer, he doesn't stress, and he doesn't weep. He is always the strong man of God that leads us... Continue Reading →

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