Free Credo Course: The Ultimate Defense of the Resurrection by 6 Scholars

Credo Courses is offering another free course. This time it is The Ultimate Defense of the Resurrection of Christ by 6 Scholars in 10 sessions. This course is originally listed at $199.00, but Credo is giving it away for free for a limited time. It includes audio stream and download, and video stream and download. […]

“What if Jesus Was Serious?” by Skye Jethani Review

I loved this devotional. You may not think that’s a significant statement, but if you continue reading, you’ll realize how significant that statement really is because this was one of the last books that, at first glance, I would have chosen. You see, I struggle with reading devotionals. When I try, I immediately forget what […]

Free Course: A Study of Church Heretics

Credo Courses announced a new course that they’re offering for free download. This is just a segment of a larger course on church history that they’re coming out with. This course focuses particularly on heretics and their teachings through the times. There are 3 videos available, each with church historian, Justo Gonzalez. Originally a $27.99 […]

Free Course: The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus

The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus is “a wonderful introduction to the evidence of the Resurrection of Jesus.” Credo Courses is offering a few resources to anyone who wants them completely free about the resurrection of Jesus. Until Easter,2 videos and a 1 audio, including 10 myths that people believe about the resurrection are […]

Initial Reaction to “What if Jesus was Serious?” By Skye Jethani

When browsing through books, I initially skipped over What if Jesus was Serious? by Skye Jethani. The title interested me, but I’ve never heard of the author and its cover made it look like a book written for teenagers. I’m not against reading books that are written for teenagers and I have read some as […]