Guns Save Lives, Atheists Take Lives

The following two stories came up on my feed within a few hours of each other. I found it ironic because of what we hear in the media all the time.

We hear that guns need to be banned because they don’t do anything but kill. And we also hear that most mass murders are carried out by religious zealots. But both of these posts fly in the face of what the media and atheists tell us.

The first post is a story about an 8-month pregnant woman saves the lives of her entire family against two robbers with pistols who mercilessly beat her husband and shoots at her before she scares one off and kills the other. (Before someone shouts “See, guns kill!” – What would you prefer? Four innocent people murdered or one criminal being on the receiving end of the very act that he was going to perform?) Good, responsible gun ownership in the hands of law abiding citizens makes this world a safer place.

The second post is explores the ideology behind these criminals, specifically those who have killed 10+ people in a single shooting during the past 20 years. If you read the title of this post, you won’t be surprised that most of these murderers are overwhelming atheists, even though atheists are statistically a minority in the religious spectrum. I also don’t believe it’s a surprise that many times, the targets of these shootings are religious people. Churches, temples, and synagogues are often targets of hatred.

Pregnant Florida Woman Fends Off Home Invasion With AR-15

What Do Mass Shooters Believe?

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