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Life is a journey. It’s a journey that each of us goes on. We didn’t choose to go on that journey, God did. All we can do is make the most of it. There are highs. There are lows. But it’s a journey nonetheless.

Within our life-long journey are shorter, “mini-journeys.” A mini-journey may be short in comparison to our entire lives, but they are significant as we progress through them. Slowly, but surely, we’re able to look back over our shoulder and see how each mini-journey has shaped us, formed us, and helped us travel down our larger road of life.

The journey you’re experiencing now might be parenthood. Maybe college. Maybe you’re learning how to drive. Or changing jobs.

Whatever the journey is, the fact is that you’re taking one right now. And that is what Journey of a Dad Podcast is all about.

The host, Ben Fisher, wants to share his journey with you. More importantly, he wants you to share your journey with him. No two people experience the same journeys during their lifetime. And no two people experience the same journey in the same way.

And with millions of people come millions of journeys.

For instance, in Ben’s overall journey of life, he was saved by Jesus Christ when he was 13 but wasn’t baptized until he was 19. Over the years he has developed a passion for missions and evangelism, which is why Acts is his favorite book of the Bible. And when he was 3, he died. Literally.

Talk about a journey!

My family and I have been listening to the podcast since its inception. Like most new podcasts, Ben is starting from scratch. I’ve never made a podcast, but I can imagine it is quite a journey in and of itself. At the time of this writing, there are only 5 episodes, but we have seen improvement. Being new to podcasting, I do think that Ben’s abilities will continue to improve.

But this podcast requires listener involvement. Ben wants to hear from you.

To get a good feel for the podcast, start by listening:

You can also find him on your favorite podcast platforms:

Next, contact Ben. You can reach him here:

See you on the journey!

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