Mass Shootings and the Question Nobody’s Asking

The past couple of weeks have been awful. Three young men have abused their freedom and liberty to murder innocent victims. I’m not going to go into detail because the media coverage has been overwhelming. If you haven’t heard about them, just do a quick internet search and you’ll find them pretty quickly.

Despite the immense media coverage, they always miss asking one vital question. From the Columbine to today, I’ve never heard anyone ask this one question. Even Christian media outlets don’t ask it. But I don’t understand why.

Every single horrific shooting, the press wants to know things like:

Were they Republican or Democrat? What race are they? Did they have a history of mental illness? What was their family life like? Were they abused? What’s their social media account like? What guns did they use? Did they get the guns legally? Did they play violent video games? What shows on their background check?

But they don’t ask the most important questions of all! They need to ask:

Did the shooter believe that all people are created in the image of a holy God? Or did they believe humanity is the result of a cruel, blind, purposeless evolutionary process?

In other words:

Did they believe in God or did they believe in Darwin?

Forget all other questions. All other questions miss the mark. All other question box people up to be used for political purposes. What we need to know how these people viewed human beings.

Darwinian evolution says, “You’re a cosmic accident.”

Darwinian evolution says, “Your life doesn’t matter. You’re here today and gone tomorrow.”

Darwinian evolution says, “You are inherently as valuable as garbage.”

Darwinian evolution says, “The same is true for all humans.”

Then the evolutionary teachers say, “Now go be kind to others!”

Why should we be kind to others? If evolution is a fact, then nobody’s life matters. If evolution is a fact, then killing someone is equivalent to taking out the trash. If evolution is a fact, then the strong survive and the weak die.

The real fact is that murder is a natural conclusion to evolutionary theory. Be one of the strong, eliminate the weak. The weak perish, the strong conquer.

This is evolution.

Evolution has no reason for kindness.

And people say the Bible is evil?

The Bible teaches that you are no accident. The Bible teaches that your life does matter. The Bible teaches that you’re here today, but you’ll be around for eternity. The Bible teaches that you were wonderfully created in the image of a holy and loving God. And the Bible teaches that the same is true for every single person on this planet.

Now we have a real reason for kindness.

You can take away guns. You can take away video games. You can lock people up in mental facilities.

But unless you teach people that they are purposefully and wonderfully created, nothing will change.   

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