NY Governor Tells Churches to Sit Down and Shut Up… Or Else.

The governor of New York has signed a bill that punishes non-profit organizations from endorsing or opposing political candidates in word and deed. A similar law called the Johnson Amendment that threatened these organizations to be investigated by the IRS if they ever spoke politically.

Through an executive order, President Trump removed the threat of IRS investigation and offered freedom of speech protection.

Governor Cuomo could care less.

“For too long we have listened to the Trump administration threaten to remove common sense protections prohibiting tax exempt organizations from engaging in inappropriate political activities.”

A few things to look at:

1. Will this include the non-profit Planned Parenthood? Unlikely. They’re a heavy Democrat donator. They’re exempt from this law.

2. I wonder what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. thought about this law. Is Cuomo criticizing the Reverend for being an activist about the “political” issue of civil rights?

3. It’s obvious that it’s not about freedom of speech or even religious liberty. It’s about doing whatever he can to smack President Trump in the face.

4. Will churches be punished for talking about “political” issues such as abortion and marriage? This is a slippery slope. If it’s illegal to speak on moral topics that someone decides is “political,” then there will be no end to it.

This is a circus. Governor Cuomo is just trying to stand up to Trump and trying to silence people from saying things like, “Vote for the person who won’t murder a bunch of innocent children.” Pastors need to stand up to Cuomo and stand up for God.

But my fear is that too many within the church fear man more than God. They’re too complacent with their comfortable positions and more than willing to teach a watered-down Gospel to keep their lifestyle.

What ever happened to suffering for Christ’s sake?

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