Pray for the Younger Family

As I have seen the story of James Younger unfold, I have been filled with shock, dismay, disgust, and anger. But today, as I read the following post from The Resurgent, the only thing I felt was grief and heartache. Not only for James, but for the whole Younger family.

On Monday, a Dallas, Texas jury awarded sole custody of a seven-year-old boy, James Younger, to his mother, Anne Georgulas, who intends to raise James as a girl, named “Luna.” Thursday, the judge amended the ruling to grant joint custody to James’ father, Jeff, who objected to having his son raised as a girl. The arrangement will now give him a say in medical decisions.

There was a great public outcry over the jury’s decision, but the judge’s ruling, while a small step in the right direction, still falls short of protecting this little boy from harm. Yes, the judge modified the jury’s decision which would have awarded Anne sole custody, giving Jeff no say at all in his son’s medical treatments. But even with the judge’s decision, Jeff will still be unable to prevent the mom’s plan of treating James as if he were a girl, sometimes called “social transition.” The mom can still treat James as a girl until James is eleven. Then, at that age, Anne can take Jeff back to court to argue that James should begin puberty blockers. In all likelihood, Anne, who has primary custody, will have the upper hand in fighting Jeff on whether to start James on those drugs. After all, by then, she will have had him acting as if he was a girl for four years.

The trial leading to the rulings focused on two competing views. On the one side is the mother, who wants to treat James as if he is a girl. Anne reported noticing that James wanted a girl’s toy at McDonald’s rather than a boy’s, and later would imitate a female character when watching Disney movies. Upon observing this, she brought James to GENecis clinic, a clinic that provides “gender-affirming care to transgender and gender-diverse youth.” Their recommendation was to start “social transition,” and to begin dressing James as a girl, having friends and family treat him as a girl, and assign him the girl’s name, “Luna.”

Anne and Jeff had split up while James was still very young. His experiences with James were different than Anne’s. Jeff reported that James was happy to be a boy when the two spent time together. Jeff and his friends all testified that James calls himself James, plays with the boys at events with kids, and wears boy’s clothing. During classroom projects, James signs “James” as his name, and in a figure molding project prefers male characteristics to females, even when female characteristics were suggested.

Taking the testimonies at face value, it would appear that James acts feminine around his mother and masculine around his father. It would appear that James is young and is forced into the difficulty of having to navigate two parents and two households. And, as a result, he behaves differently, depending upon who he is around.

A young boy, only 7 years old, is trapped in the drama of his parents. A first grader, who doesn’t have the capability of doing adding two fractions together. Yet people think he is able to make life-changing decisions with permanent repercussions? What?

Christians believe that God creates everyone and that He does not make mistakes. As such, gender confusion or gender transition is a result of sin and living in a fallen world. Any Christian who believes otherwise is either not a Christian or has not had some serious and foundational doctrine explained to them.

As we continue to watch this boy’s life play out in front of us, let’s pray.

Pray for James, that he realizes that he was specially created in the image of a loving God who did not make a mistake by making him a boy.

Pray for his twin brother, who has been recognized as a boy and treated as a boy for his whole life. Pray that this drama involving his twin brother doesn’t have a serious impact on him.

Pray for the father, who recognizes that James is what he is and continues to fight for this reality.

Pray for the mother, who (to me) seems like she’s manipulating James so she can be culturally relevant. Pray that God softens her heart and that she’s sees the truth.

Also pray that if none of them have a saving relationship with Lord Jesus, that God draws them to himself.

Lastly, pray for a revival for our country. Evry day, more and more, we see this culture denying truth and embracing lies.

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