Public Libraries Pushing Anti-Biblical Issues on Children, Without Parents Knowledge

What would you do if your child was watching pornography without your knowledge?

I’m sure you’d be pretty upset. It would cut you to the core. But sadly enough, this is a reality that many parents face. Pornography is more accessible than it ever has been. Addiction percentages are astronomical. Not only among men, but among women and among pastors too. As hard as we try, we can’t seem to protect our children from it.

Now I want to ask you a similar, but different question.

What would you do if your child was encouraged by the public library to watch pornography without your knowledge?

It appears that day is coming. Or at least it’s being discussed.

The American Library Association (ALA) recently held its annual national conference. The conference hosted one particular workshop titled “Are You Going to Tell My Parents?” This workshop considered the idea that the parents having knowledge of the content the children are looking at is considered an invasion of privacy.

Invasion of privacy? Balderdash.

They’re CHILDREN. They are dependents. They’re too young to vote, drive, or make many of their own decisions. They live under their parents’ roof, eat their parents’ food, and watch their parents’ TV. They still are dependent on their parents’ knowledge, wisdom, guidance, and protection.

The only right to privacy any child has is determined by the parents. Not the government. Anything else is an intrusion on your parental rights.

Another session entitled “A Child’s Room to Choose: Encouraging Gender Identity and Expression in Schools and Public Libraries,” discussed ideas on how to incorporate gender-neutral bathrooms into public spaces. That means little Johnny and little Jane are going into the same bathroom together. And if Big Johnny happens to identify as a woman at that very moment, then Big Johnny gets to go into the same bathroom with little Jane. And nobody will have the right to question his gender-identity when he does it. 

Am I the only one who sees a big problem with that? Especially in a time where pedophilia and child-pornography are a HUGE problem.

Other workshops spoke about ideas on how to incorporate reading LGBT-themed books to children and hosting drag-queen events.

All on your tax-payer dollar. And without your knowledge.

What if you don’t like all this? What if you don’t want libraries to do that?

The ALA says: Tough, we’re going to do it anyway.

They have offered their librarians a guide for “Responding to and Preparing for Controversial Programs and Speakers.”

What Can We Do?

First of all, let’s call it what it is. This type of programming and change is child abuse. It’s not a left-wing agenda. It’s not social change. It’s child abuse.

Someone else acting as the parent, telling the child what they can and can’t do, telling them “We won’t tell your parents” is child abuse.

Allowing the ability for grown men to go into the same restroom as little girls is child abuse.

Forcing a child to accept anything that contradicts the biblical view of marriage as one man and one woman is child abuse.

Forcing a child to believe that a child can decide their gender instead of helping them recognize that God made them is child abuse.

Secondly, go with your child to the library. If they’re going for reading time, listen to the story yourself. If it’s inappropriate, leave. Right then and there. If enough people leave, the library will get the hint. They already have your tax-dollar, don’t give them your attention.

If you can’t attend with your child, call the library ahead of time and ask them what they’re reading. When your child gets home, ask them what story was read. If what the library told you isn’t the same as what your child said, tell someone. Call the library. Call the city council. Call the mayor’s office. Tell anyone and everyone that the library is lying about what they’re doing.

Thirdly, go to a private library. The patrons of a private library have a lot more control and power over what is promoted. You might have to drive a little way to get to one (but you’d drive just as far to get a good cup of coffee). And it doesn’t cost very much. My closest private library costs only $20 per year.

Fourthly, get out and vote. The library is technically just an employee (we pay them through our taxes). If the employees aren’t cooperating, fire the old ones and hire new ones. Vote for leaders who fight for God’s unchanging Word.

Lastly, teach your child what God’s Word. Don’t just allow the church to teach them. You need to teach them at home as well. They may be children and under your protection now, but one day they won’t be. Sooner or later they’re going to come face to face with this type of teaching. In order to face it head-on and not be swayed, they need to have God’s Word in their hearts.

You are the parent. You, not the library, will ultimately be held responsible for your child’s upbringing.

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