The American Medical Association is Fighting Legal Battles to Kill Children. But Why?

The American Medical Association (AMA) has recently made it very clear that (in my opinion) they don’t care about you, your health, or your family. What they care about killing your children, promoting an agenda, and ultimately…money. They may not come outright and say it, but their recent actions this week have proved it. They made it clear by suing the Trump administration over the new Protect Life Rule that restricts Title X Program funds.

The first indication exposing the AMA’s bias is mislabeling the Protect Life Rule. Instead of calling it what it is (a rule that protects life), they call it a “gag rule.”

AMA’s website has multiple posts about how Donald Trump’s “gag rule” is “a giant negative precedent in the sense of government intrusion into the patient-physician relationship.” relationships. Not only are they suing the Trump administration over the Protect Life Rule, but they’re also praising any judge who is showing any opposition to the rule and encouraging more to take action.

But what is Title X anyway?

Title X                

Title X is a program that helps fund women’s access to health care and family planning. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, “It serves an estimated four million people annually and includes access to breast and serves an estimated four million people annually and includes access to breast and cervical cancer screenings, HIV testing and treatment, and care for sexually transmitted cervical cancer screenings, HIV testing and treatment, and care for sexually transmitted diseases.”

Most of the women who are recipients of this fund are low-income and need additional financial help.

Title X Fifty Years Ago

The Title X Program was created fifty years ago during the Nixon administration. The Chronicle pointed out that “Title X has remained largely unchanged since its enactment.”

Largely unchanged, yes. But abortion wasn’t allowed.

Fifty years ago when the Title X program was created, the funds weren’t allowed to be used to perform abortions. As it is written in the original law, “[n]one of the funds appropriated under this title shall be used in programs where abortion is a method of family planning.”

No access to abortions. Period.

But the Clinton administration changed that. They allowed providers to dip their hands into Title X funds to perform abortions.

All President Trump did was change it back.

Bad Trump! Bad!

The San Francisco Chronicle article and the American Medical Association are treating this whole thing as if President Trump is so evil that he’s not providing access to any of the funds by anyone. Title X funds are still there for the purposes listed above (screenings, tests, etc.). Just not abortion.

When President Trump changed the Title X Program back to how it originally was, The San Francisco Chronicle calls this “drastic program changes.”

Now let’s take a moment here to reflect. The same Chronicle article said:

  • Abortion added: “largely unchanged”
  • Abortion removed: “drastic change”

The Protect Life Rule also prohibits physicians from recommending abortion as a viable family planning option. And it prevents physicians from meeting their patients in clinics that perform abortions. This prevents physicians from sending them off somewhere and pulling from the Title X funds. It also ensures physicians can’t perform an abortion while drawing funds for a fake reason.

What’s so wrong with that?

It’s wrong because it hurts the physician’s pocketbook.

Money, Not Patients

Planned Parenthood takes a total of $60-million dollars every year from the Title X program. In other words, they take one-fifth of the total annual funds. Yet they claim that only 3% of their annual revenue is from performing abortions.

Something doesn’t seem right to me. If they perform so few abortions but draw so much money, why sue? If abortion really was only 3% of their annual revenue, I would think their donors could make up for that difference.

Unless, of course, they’re lying.

Let’s face it. If you’re going to be bold enough to murder a human, why would lying bother you?

Tax-Payer Money In, Government Out

The Chronicle states:

“The AMA has, and always will, condemn any effort by the government or any other third The AMA has, and always will, condemn any effort by the government or any other third party to interfere with the physician-patient relationship.”

They should have added: “But they’ll always accept the easy money that the government dangles in front of them.”

By complaining that the government is interfering with the patient-physician relationship, they’re saying, “Write us the check, then stay out our way.” They don’t want to be told what to do. They don’t want to be bossed around. If you don’t want the government to tell you what to do, don’t demand that they give you money.

If you have a problem with it, don’t accept government funds. It’s as easy as that.

But they aren’t interested in doing the right thing. It costs them too much.

The Real Physician-Patient Relationship

If you’re a physician with a patient who just found out she is pregnant, you now have 2 patients. Period.

If you are really committed to providing the best possible care to the human sitting in front of you, then you will include the human growing inside of her. The baby is still human even if you can’t see it. The baby is still human even if it isn’t wanted.

And you are committed to taking care of human life. Not destroying it.

What Should We Do?

As Christians, we should pray that the Protect Life Rule stays in effect. We should also play our part in defunding abortion facilities like Planned Parenthood. This may include finding out if your current physician performs abortions. Doctors who perform abortions are the modern version of the Old Testament priests of Molech. Both happily sacrifice children for a paycheck and claim someone will be “better off” because of it.

Also, contact our Representatives and Senators to urge them to continue to support legislation that protects life and stops abortion.

Lastly, get out and vote. Every Christian should vote. Voting is the best thing we can do to protect life. Your vote does matter. Especially to the children.

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