11 Weak Reasons to Leave a Church

People leave churches all the time. Odds are, sometime in your life you have left a church. There are many good reasons to leave a church, but the fact is people rarely leave for the good reasons. Here's a list of 11 weak (and common) reasons people leave a church. 11 Weak Reasons to Leave... Continue Reading →

How to Pray for Your Pastor

We often think that our pastor is some sort of superhuman. We unintentionally and unconsciously raise him on a pedestal. After all, he spends his career getting close to God. We somehow think that he does suffer, he doesn't stress, and he doesn't weep. He is always the strong man of God that leads us... Continue Reading →

Random Process?

A while ago I shared a post from Cross Examined titled “There’s No Need to Apologize.” Someone had left some comments addressing different parts of the article. This post is the third in a series that I address this individual’s comments.

How to Make Your Church Uncomfortable

I find more often than not, church-goers like their church because it feels comfortable. When they look around the church, it's made up of people just like them. All unity. No diversity. And nothing to ruffle their feathers, or stretch and use their faith. But that's not how it's supposed to be. The church isn't... Continue Reading →

Phillip Johnson Passes Away

Phillip Johnson was responsible for shaking the foundations of Darwinian evolution and strengthening the Intelligent Design movement. He had such an impact that he was actually banned from even stepping foot on some college campuses. I greatly respect this man. He had a very profound impact on me and my love for apologetitics. And he... Continue Reading →

Kanye West’s Conversion to Christianity

Kanye has been in the news for quite some time talking about his recent conversion to Christianity. I admit, I'm skeptical. I'm as skeptical of him as I am about Benny Hinn "renouncing the prosperity gospel." However, just because I am skeptical doesn't mean that Christ hasn't worked in Kanye's heart and it doesn't mean... Continue Reading →

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