What Your Biology Teacher Didn’t Tell You About Charles Darwin

There is no doubt about it – Charles Darwin is idolized. He lifted up as a hero by atheists and even some Christians for discovering and explaining macro-evolotion. Richard Dawkins has even said that Darwin was the one who gave him a rational and logical reason to not believe in God. But there are some […]

Whites Can Identify as Black. Can I Identity as a Billionaire?

It was only a matter of time before it was considered okay for white people to identify as black (Eminem’s been doing it for years). And now, it’s official. The British Universities and College Union has made a statement that it’s okay for anyone to identify as anything. So if anyone can identify as anything, […]

University of Virginia Cancels 21-Gun Salute Because “Honoring Veterans Encourages Gun Violence”

The University of Virginia cancelled their Veteran’s Day 21-gun salute, usually performed by the university’s ROTC group because an anonymous student complained. According to a statement released by the president of the university: The university in no way condones gun violence. We understand that our veterans used guns and even gave their lives for our […]

Lesbian, Child-Murdering Episcopalian Priest Has Never Read the Bible

Episcopalian priest Katherine Hancock Ragsdale shows that she knows nothing about the Bible and probably has never even seen one. The lesbian, abortion advocating priest has recently been appointed to serve as president and CEO of the National Abortion Fund. “Abortion providers are some of my personal heroes and modern-day saints,” she said in a statement. […]

NY Governor Tells Churches to Sit Down and Shut Up… Or Else.

The governor of New York has signed a bill that punishes non-profit organizations from endorsing or opposing political candidates in word and deed. A similar law called the Johnson Amendment that threatened these organizations to be investigated by the IRS if they ever spoke politically. Through an executive order, President Trump removed the threat of […]

Kanye West’s Conversion to Christianity

Kanye has been in the news for quite some time talking about his recent conversion to Christianity. I admit, I’m skeptical. I’m as skeptical of him as I am about Benny Hinn “renouncing the prosperity gospel.” However, just because I am skeptical doesn’t mean that Christ hasn’t worked in Kanye’s heart and it doesn’t mean […]