Congress Adopts Policy to Listen to ‘Same Old Song and Dance’ in Lieu of Debate andDiscussion

Congress has adopted a new policy to improve efficiency. In lieu of daily speeches, debates, and discussion, it was unanimously agreed that Aerosmith’s hit song, ‘Same Old Song and Dance’, will be played for 10 hours straight, before any vote is held. It is expected that besides that one change, it will be business as […]

YouTube Celebrities Fear Their Videos Going Viral Because of Coronavirus Pandemic

THE INTERNET—The continual spread of coronavirus has resulted in a growing concern for many YouTube celebrities, for fear of catching the viral infection. “I used to, like, want to go viral and stuff,” said one 32 year-old YouTube superstar. “But, like, since I still live with my mom and stuff, and she’s like, super old—seriously […]

Free Credo Course: The Ultimate Defense of the Resurrection by 6 Scholars

Credo Courses is offering another free course. This time it is The Ultimate Defense of the Resurrection of Christ by 6 Scholars in 10 sessions. This course is originally listed at $199.00, but Credo is giving it away for free for a limited time. It includes audio stream and download, and video stream and download. […]

U.S. Media Outlets Form the United States Society of Reporters (USSR) to Fight Trump

THE UNITED STATES—Media outlets and reporters across the nation have formed a new group to combat Donald Trump and the Republican ideology pandemic, the United States Society of Reporters, or USSR for short. With the presidential election just months away, the United States media has been scrambling to figure out how to get Donald Trump […]

“What if Jesus Was Serious?” by Skye Jethani Review

I loved this devotional. You may not think that’s a significant statement, but if you continue reading, you’ll realize how significant that statement really is because this was one of the last books that, at first glance, I would have chosen. You see, I struggle with reading devotionals. When I try, I immediately forget what […]

ABCmouse.com Crashes From Parents Trying to Teach Their High-School Children From Home

THE INTERNET – Yesterday the popular online educational company, ABCmouse.com, crashed from being overloaded by parents who are struggling to keep up with their child’s education while schools are closed. One such parent, Jim Staples, found ABCmouse after he couldn’t define an adverb, explain fractions, or date the War of 1812. “I had to Google […]

Planned Parenthood Takes Action Against Coronavirus so They Can Keep Killing Children

As COVID-19 continues to rapidly spread in America, Planned Parenthood has released a statement explaining the steps that they’re going to take to battle the novel coronavirus. This statement comes after many days of concerns expressed by the public who are afraid of contracting the coronavirus while getting an abortion. The concerns have been so […]

Free Course: A Study of Church Heretics

Credo Courses announced a new course that they’re offering for free download. This is just a segment of a larger course on church history that they’re coming out with. This course focuses particularly on heretics and their teachings through the times. There are 3 videos available, each with church historian, Justo Gonzalez. Originally a $27.99 […]

Free Course: The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus

The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus is “a wonderful introduction to the evidence of the Resurrection of Jesus.” Credo Courses is offering a few resources to anyone who wants them completely free about the resurrection of Jesus. Until Easter,2 videos and a 1 audio, including 10 myths that people believe about the resurrection are […]