Apologetics Methods Free Audio Download

Today Credo Courses is offering an audio download absolutely free - Apologetics Methods with Robert Bowman. Based on his monumental work in apologetics, Faith Has Its Reasons, Bowman explains, compares, and analyses the four methods that apologists have used to defend the Christian faith through the centuries.   Classical Thomas AquinasC. S. LewisJ. P. MorelandWilliam PaleyR. C.... Continue Reading →

Dear Calvinists: Please Convince Me…

Many weeks ago in our small group, the discussion turned to Calvinism and Reformed theology. As I sat back and listened, I realized that I had little to no idea what everyone was talking about! Truthfully, Calvinism and Reformed theology were never topics that, up until now, I had never been interested in. I like... Continue Reading →

Are All Christians Called to be Apologists?

Apologetics. Some cringe at the word because it implies studying. Some roll their eyes because they think philosophers are lunatics. And some say that they'll never apologize for their faith. But a few, like me, become energized at the word. For a few people, their eyes brighten, their heart quickens, and they eagerly await what... Continue Reading →

Presuppositional Apologetics links for April 15th-21st, 2020.

Written by SLIMJIM from The Domain for Truth. Here are links related to the subject of Presuppositional apologetics gathered online between April 15th-21st, 2020. 1.) Atheists Presupposing Naturalism 2.) Bible Contradiction? Who made the ark of the covenant? 3.) Christian Kindle Book Deals – 04/20/2020 4.) How Do You Develop a Biblical Worldview? 5.) Why I am Still a Presuppositionalist 5.) Our... Continue Reading →

Harvard Professor Calls for a Ban on Homeschooling

From Albert Mohler: Homeschooling in the Crosshairs—Harvard Magazine Says Homeschooling Families Are a Threat to Democracy In a matter of just days, millions of American parents recently discovered that they are what they never planned to be—homeschoolers. It is ironic, therefore, that Harvard Magazine decided to run an article in its May/June issue entitled, “The... Continue Reading →

Super Silly Jokes for Kids Review

Rating: 4 out of 5 I chose Super Silly Jokes for Kids by Vicki Whiting and Jeff Schinkel for my three kids (all under the age of 8) to enjoy and to get their feedback. My children love telling jokes as well as making up their own jokes. At times they can get themselves laughing... Continue Reading →

Easter and the Hope that We Have

As Easter quickly approaches, I find my thoughts turning from the COVID19 pandemic and political polarization to the cross and the resurrection. Even in the middle of the coronavirus crisis, I have hope. Not some sort of superficial, wishful-thinking type of hope, but a hope that runs deep through my soul. But, for many this... Continue Reading →

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