Atheist PZ Myers has a Meltdown

Many thanks to Michael from Shadow to Light for sharing this information. See Michael’s post here.

It appears that atheist, evolutionist, liberal, and all-around rational thinker angry man, PZ Myers is in an all-out dash toward Democratic-controlled totalitarianism in response to the mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso, TX.

In Mr. Myers’ post, he makes a few “radical suggestions.” But then claims “they’re not that radical.” We shall see.

Shut down 8chan. Arrest anyone who tries to revive it. Publicly shame anyone who participates in it.

I never heard about 8chan until a few days ago, but apparently, the El Paso murderer posted his manifesto there and supposedly it’s a breeding ground for white supremacy.

Now, this might be a Libertarian view (Captain Applesauce will be able to tell me), but I think forcing it to shut down is a violation of the 1st Amendment. We need to punish the author, not the publisher. The authors are violent while the publisher allows freedom of speech. And who is the one that’s given the authority to dictate which platforms should be shut down and which ones aren’t? And what will shutting the website down accomplish? People will just migrate to another platform and say the same things. And who decides what content is offensive and what content isn’t? Where is the line drawn?

Criminalize gun manufacture. Lethal weapons can only be made under a license for sale to the military, and the military will be prohibited from allowing remarketers to sell their surplus. Hunting weaponry will also be licensed and the sale tightly controlled. The police will crack down on black market sale of guns; no more gun shows. Manufacturers will be held liable for the crimes committed by their weapons.

So first your Freedom of Speech is gone. Now your right to defend yourself and your family is gone (2nd and 14th Amendments). Enter the beginnings of a totalitarian military dictatorship (but so far we’re still a democracy).

Do you really think that the police (whom the left hates, incites violence against, and throws water on) is going to listen to you and take guns away? And how in the world will you hold gun manufacturers accountable? Will Ford and Chevrolet be held accountable for car accidents? Will the alcohol industry be held accountable for drunk drivers? Is nobody capable of being responsible for themselves?

Abolish the Senate, or at least reduce it to a purely ceremonial function.

Wait, why just the Senate and not the House? Oh, right. Because it’s controlled by the Republicans. And we can’t have that. I’m sure his sentiments would be different if the Democrats weren’t the minority in the Senate or if they didn’t control the House.

Outlaw the Republican party. Throw its leadership in jail.

See what I mean? At least he’s thinking rationally and not showing his political bias. Make it illegal to be anything but and vote for anything but a Democrat. Just like in North Korea and China, that’s a textbook definition of a fair democracy totalitarian regime.

Then he adds…

Outlaw religion or anything that teaches that promotes eternal consequences to actions, any sort of moral behavior, or tells people that they’re anything except useless, meaningless, purposeless globs of slime.

Okay, I made up that last one. But don’t you get it? He demands civility while he denies any reason for people to be civil! You cannot tell someone to “be nice” after you tell them that everyone else is a cosmic accident.

The real problem with these mass shootings ist that we’ve replaced teaching that everyone’s created in the image of God with the teaching of evolution.

We can take away guns, make new laws, and do everything under the sun that a government can do, but the depravity of the human heart will stay the same. Laws will not and can not, make us safer if we are being told that everyone is as valuable as a piece of trash. When we teach that everyone is a piece of trash, it’s no surprise when people start getting treated like a piece of trash.

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