This Week – Police Moral, Mueller Testimony, Two House Bills

Police Morale Running Low

The cities of South Bend and New York are seeing a decrease in morale in their respective police departments. In South Bend, a police officer had shot and killed a suspect. And New York police officers are being attacked by having things thrown at them while they’re trying to make arrests.

Yet the government leaders in those cities aren’t supportive of the officers. How does one work for the government when their own leaders don’t stand behind them? How does a police officer keep the public safe when their own leadership talks about them like they’re the enemy?

In South Bend, many in the police force are considering leaving. It’s just a matter of figuring out who is going to stay and who’s not. If they all leave, where will that put the city? What will it mean for the citizens?

Robert Mueller Testifies Before Congress

After much anticipation, Robert Mueller testifies before Congress about his 2-year investigation into the Trump Campaign regarding collusion with Russia to interfere with the 2016 election. Needless to say, it was very anti-climatic. I’m not even sure Republicans could have prepared for what Mueller said (or didn’t say). His lack of knowledge about the report makes me question if he even wrote it.

I don’t think this will stop Democrats from pushing forward impeachment. My prediction is that they’re going to say that Mueller was “unable” or “incapable” of properly leading an investigation. He’ll be talked about as if he’s “past his prime.” So they’ll do everything all over again, but with someone else leading the investigation.

House Passes Bill to Raise Minimum Wage

I don’t see anything good about this. Does nobody in Congress know anything about economics? Democrats think that if the people on the bottom of the ladder get paid more, then the kind, good people at the top will take pay decreases to compensate. Yeah right. There’s absolutely nothing helpful about this bill. Here’s what it threatens to do:

  1. Cause massive inflation: If the minimum wage doubles, so will the price of everything else, including housing.
  2. Cause massive job losses: All of a sudden, companies won’t be able to pay their workers. It’ll cost too much. It’s going to be cheaper to replace workers with machines.
  3. Increase homelessness: With people out of jobs and housing prices inflated, people won’t be able to afford to live. They can’t afford rent and they can’t afford mortgages. They’ll be on the street.
  4. Hurts people with fixed incomes: Sure people with jobs get paid more, but how does that help people who rely on Social Security, pensions, disability, etc., especially if the prices of everything else rises? Many of these people will become homeless as well.

House Passes Equality Act (H.R.5)

What does this bill mean? It means that it will be a crime to tell anyone in the LGBT group “No” for any reason.

American Library Association Encourages Children to Watch Pornography, Pedophiles to Share Bathrooms with Child Patrons, and Hold Drag-Queen Events for Kids

This blew my mind. I couldn’t believe it. I love the library. I love reading. And so do my kids. I have to limit them to a certain number of books or else I wouldn’t be able to carry them all. But that all may change. I may not be visiting my local public library soon, and you might need to reconsider visiting yours too. This is a reminder that, out of all the books in the world, the Bible is the one we need to be most invested in. When a society stops reading that book, it loses its way.

I wrote more about this issue and what you can do here.

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