This Week’s News Commentary

Here is some commentary on some of the news stories this week:

People Planning on Storming Area 51

There is a petition going around on social media for people to sign up to storm Area 51 to finally reveal the secrets held inside. So far, 1.6 million people have said they are going, with another 1.2 million saying they’re interested. That’s a lot of people.

The date of the event is scheduled for September 20. With an announced date, the armed forces are going to be ready for however many people show up. Whether it’s 7 people or 3 they’re going to be ready. Don’t think they won’t take lives. That’s their job. If you step only the grounds, you knowingly and willingly offer yourself to be shot.

Don’t storm Area 51. No alien conspiracy theory is worth giving up your life.

Donald Trump Tweets and Rally

Donald Trump has once again caused a firestorm of controversy because he cannot control his thumbs on Twitter. Referring to certain members of Congress, he said that if they don’t like America, they can leave. And what happened?

Those who already think Trump is a racist still think he’s racist. Those that don’t think he is still don’t. Nothing changed. But it caused more drama on Capitol Hill. Anti-Semite Ilhad Omar had the audacity to call him a racist. Nancy Pelosi misquoted him by saying his tweet said: “Go home.” That’s not what it said. Just look at his Twitter feed.

The political left will use whatever they can as ammunition against Trump, and this is just one more example. They wanted to impeach him the day after his inauguration. People were in the streets shouting “He’s not my President” after the election. The left wanted to get rid of him before he was even in office.

But his rallies show that he still has strong support. People are sick of the media narrative. They’re tired of the idiocy coming out of the mouths of Congress. The left is having a difficult time holding their own party together. Trump is the only thing keeping them united. All he has to do is not say anything stupid on Twitter… if he can.

But his supporters shouldn’t be shouting “Send her back.” Send her back where? Everyone in Congress is an American citizen. Only Omar wasn’t born in America. They need to be more concerned about their socialist policies instead of treating them as illegal immigrants.

Speak with your vote.

Planned Parenthood President Fired

Planned Parenthood’s president, Leana Wen, was fired this week during a secret Board of Directors meeting. This came only a day after the Trump Administration announced the Protect Life Rule, which prohibits Title X funds to be used for abortions. The Title X Family Funding Program was introduced by President Nixon in 1970. It was only during the Clinton Administration that these funds were allowed to be used for abortions.

Wen was fired because her political voice wasn’t loud enough – she promoted Planned Parenthood as a women’s health care business. The non-profit also consistently claims that only around 3% of their yearly revenue comes from performing abortions.

But firing Wen exposes Planned Parenthood for what it really is – an abortion mill. The lack of political activism and loss of a mere 3% of revenue is enough for the company to decide that Wen, who was the company’s first M.D., needed to be fired.

They don’t care about women. They only care about activism and the money.

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