A Kid’s Guide to Drawing Cartoon Animals Review

Rating: 5 out of 5

I chose A Kid’s Guide to Drawing Cartoon Animals by Vicki Whiting and Jeff Schinkel because at the moment of choosing, my kids were driving me crazy. They were running around the house, laughing hysterically one minute, screaming at each other the next, and crying the next. It was a vicious circle of insanity that they’ve been repeating day in and day out during the time of coronavirus quarantine. At a moment that they were acting berserk, I happened to be on Netgalley.com looking for a book to read and review. I stopped them and said, “Hey, do you want to see if there’s a book for you guys?” They responded a little bit more enthusiastically than I was hoping for, but since I asked, I was now obligated to find a book. And I happened to stumble across this book.

My kids like to draw (and so do I). So when I saw this book, I asked them if they wanted to take a look at this book. Again, they responded very enthusiastically and a little impatiently as if I somehow should have had it in their hands already. I also thought it would be a beneficial book for me to improve my drawing skills because mine is… How do I explain it? If I tried to draw an elephant, it would like a spoiled potato that’s been run over with a car. Needless to say, I typically keep my drawings to myself (or just throw them out).

I thought the instructions are very easy to follow. The authors walk through each drawing step-by-step, and the drawings are very simple as well. As a result, each step only consists of drawing 1-3 new lines. So, in theory, and with practice, a child ought to be able to draw any of the animals in the book in just a few minutes.

It might seem that this book didn’t have a whole lot of pictures to draw, but I would disagree. In my opinion, if there were any more animals to draw, the book would be overwhelming. Also, this book is meant to be an introductory book to help spark a child’s love of drawing and art. So if there are any complaints out there that this book is short, I would consider those complaints unjustified. Art is a very dynamic and adaptive skill, all one needs is the foundation to pursue a life-long hobby.

Overall, I think this is a very good book. The pictures are fun cartoon animals that any child will like to draw. They’re also simple and plain enough for a child to adapt and play around with to make each animal their very own. After watching my kids work through some of the books, I gave it a shot and drew a hummingbird, following to the instructions. My kids thought it turned out pretty well, at least well enough to color it. So I would consider that a success.

This books was lent to me courtesy of Netgalley.com for review purposes.

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