Super Silly Jokes for Kids Review

Rating: 4 out of 5

I chose Super Silly Jokes for Kids by Vicki Whiting and Jeff Schinkel for my three kids (all under the age of 8) to enjoy and to get their feedback. My children love telling jokes as well as making up their own jokes. At times they can get themselves laughing so much that I worry if they’re going to wet themselves. So when I saw this book, I immediately thought that they would enjoy it.

I could have given a strictly adult/parent perspective (and I will include that too), but I really wanted to see what a child thought since that’s who the book is written for. The best opinions for books come directly from the intended audience. I began reading the book to my children, but after a while, I let my eldest child read it. So without further ado, here is my almost-8-year-old’s review:

“I thought it was pretty good.” He said it with a smile.

There you have it.

And since then he’s asked for it day after day. So if your child is around that age and likes jokes, there’s a good chance they’ll think and act the same.

This book was fun to read. Unlike many other joke books, this one isn’t filled with only text. And even the text changes from page to page. It’s not a mundane, 12-point, Times New Roman font over and over and over. Each page is wonderfully unique. The creators have included cartoon illustrations on every page that correspond to the jokes on the page. So each page is, in a sense, topical. For instance, the page that has dinosaur jokes has—you guessed it—a dinosaur drawn on the same page!

All my children (ages 8, 5, and 2) enjoyed looking at the drawings. They understood the jokes on different levels (my 2-year-old didn’t understand any of it), but they all equally enjoyed looking through the book. If any book can keep a 2-year-old entertained for 10 minutes, then I consider that a successful book.

Another thing I liked was that the punch-lines are written upside-down, making it harder for the child to instantly (and accidentally) naturally read the punch-line after reading the joke. This lets the child enjoy the book by themselves by telling the jokes to themselves.

However, the book was short. Even though it has more than 200 jokes, It didn’t take very long until my children were done reading it. This was a bit disappointing because it didn’t entertain them for very long.

And I thought many of the jokes were very average. I didn’t think there was very much content that was new or original. Granted, I’ve been around for a while, so much of it was new to my children. I only say that because, in that sense, it’s not too much different than other joke books.

Also, some of the play-on-words jokes would only be able to be understood by older children (10+). I had to do a lot of explaining to my almost 8-year-old for him to understand the joke, and my 5-year-old didn’t understand the joke even after I explained it. My 2-year-old laughed no matter what, even though he didn’t understand anything.

Overall, I would consider this book as a good picture book that has jokes instead of a joke book that has pictures. The pictures were what kept all my children entertained, but the jokes were slightly too advanced for their age-group. But I’m willing to give the creators of the book the benefit of the doubt and assume that this book will be great for a slightly older audience than what I have in my household. Besides that, the only issue that I have is that it was short and many of the jokes were average. So while it may be entertaining for a short car-ride, it probably wouldn’t be entertaining for more than 30 minutes.

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