ABCmouse.com Crashes From Parents Trying to Teach Their High-School Children From Home

THE INTERNET – Yesterday the popular online educational company, ABCmouse.com, crashed from being overloaded by parents who are struggling to keep up with their child’s education while schools are closed. One such parent, Jim Staples, found ABCmouse after he couldn’t define an adverb, explain fractions, or date the War of 1812.

“I had to Google everything,” he said. “Students have it so hard these days. They have to know so much. When I was a kid, I don’t remember having to learn all this stuff. Thankfully I found ABCmouse. Now my kids don’t have to bother me anymore.”

At first, his 17-year old son, who is a Junior in high school at Indianapolis Public Schools in Indiana, found the advanced material (which ends at a 2nd grade level) too difficult. But after learning that he could customize his virtual hamster’s cage, he was determined to learn. And so far, he hasn’t given up, and his hamster is grateful.

Other parents are finding the ABCmouse material wonderful for their children. “It’s helping them prepare for college,” said Brick Duley, father of twins. Despite being a year apart in age, the twins are both Seniors at IPS and looking forward to the next step of their education, a possibility they never dreamed about until they started using ABCmouse. “I really think that it will help them get into any community college of their choice,” Duley explains.

So many parents have resorted to ABCmouse.com that it wasn’t capable of handling the increased traffic, and crashed. However, it is making improvements to handle the needs while schools are temporarily closed.

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