Elizabeth Warren to Change Her Name

Elizabeth Warren filed a request yesterday to officially change her name to reflect her Native American heritage.

“I want to change it back to my birth name. I only Americanized my name to get into Harvard and make it to where I am today. This racist country wouldn’t have been accepted if I kept my original name. And I believe that a person’s name accurately reflects their character.”

Elizabeth is a Hebrew name meaning “God’s promise.”

“And I hate everything about religion. Especially Jews. So it obviously doesn’t reflect who I am.”

When asked about why she decided to make the change now, she said, “When I become President, I’m going to make history twice: I’ll be the first woman to take the office as well as the first Native American, and I want to reflect that.” She commented that her gender transition to a female should be finished a few weeks before she is inaugurated so it would be legitimate. “

As far as her name change, if everything goes well, she will be known as “Sheliesabit – Warning” on the ballot.

“People should easily recognize that I am who I am. My Native American name sounds very similar to my American name. Elizabeth. Sheliesabit. Warren. Warning. They’re nearly identical.”

Even though they sound similar, she continued to stress “Sheliesabit” is a much accurate reflection of who she is and what she stands for. She went on to explain that “Warning” wasn’t actually a surname, but an informal name that associated with her tribe.

“When I was a kid, [my tribe] camped very close to a cliff. When the colonial settlers would see us, they’d shout ‘Warning!’ because they knew that imminent death was near us. Their stories said that there was an ‘aura of death’ that surrounded us,” she said with a chuckle. “It really became a term of endearment.”

Whether or not this will improve her standing with the Native American voters is yet unknown.               

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