Planned Parenthood Takes Action Against Coronavirus so They Can Keep Killing Children

As COVID-19 continues to rapidly spread in America, Planned Parenthood has released a statement explaining the steps that they’re going to take to battle the novel coronavirus. This statement comes after many days of concerns expressed by the public who are afraid of contracting the coronavirus while getting an abortion.

The concerns have been so great that the company has no other choice but to take action now and get ahead of the spread. To date, COVID-19 has killed 237 US citizens, with the number rising every day.

In the company’s statement, they explained in great detail the action steps that they plan to immediately put into effect. For the public’s benefit, we will quote this part of their statement in full:

“Clean something.”

With such an in-depth and exhaustive explanation that has never been seen from the company, the statement had an immediate impact on the public. Many who were previously worried about contracting the coronavirus have had their fears laid to rest.

When asked why the company would make such dramatic changes to their policies, a company spokesperson said, “We want the public to get the impression that we’re keeping up with industry cleanliness standards.”

And so far, it has worked. One woman said, “I was so worried that I would die from getting the coronavirus. Now I know that I’m safe to kill my baby.”

With fears now subsided, Planned Parenthood is back on track to kill 800,000 US citizens this year.

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