YouTube Celebrities Fear Their Videos Going Viral Because of Coronavirus Pandemic

THE INTERNET—The continual spread of coronavirus has resulted in a growing concern for many YouTube celebrities, for fear of catching the viral infection.

“I used to, like, want to go viral and stuff,” said one 32 year-old YouTube superstar. “But, like, since I still live with my mom and stuff, and she’s like, super old—seriously dude, she’s like 65—I don’t want to make her sick. I mean, like, who would make my food for me if she died?”

To stop the flow of internet traffic, he has started posting videos of him reading excerpts from the Latin Vulgate, even though he has no knowledge of the language. So far, it seems that his plan is backfiring. People are finding his attempts to read Latin hilarious and his fame continues to skyrocket. His most popular video to date is him uncontrollably weeping for 20 minutes, pleading for people to stop liking and sharing his videos.

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