E-books, Bible Studies, and Webinars – Free Stuff for May

FREE ebook “Christianity and Liberalism” by J. Gresham Machen– This is the latest free offering from Mongerism available in epub, .mobi and .pdf formats.

FREE Bibe Study “Eschatology 101: An Exploration of the Christian’s Hope”- This free 12 week Bible lessons is presented by Reformed Youth Ministry to give not just for the curious but also clarity and hope for the youth.

FREE ebook “Gill’s Complete Body of Practical and Doctrinal Divinity” – Whoever uploaded this ebook, this work is pure gold.

FREE course  “Fundamentals of Expository Preaching”- The Master’s Seminary is offering this free Masters of Divinity course and will feature John MacArthur and Steven Lawson.

FREE webinar “Generosity Roundtable” -This Zoom meeting free webinar about being generous during this troubled times is brought to you by Matthias Media. It’s a first come, first serve basis and limited to 1,000 attendees.

FREE ebook “Revelation For You” by Tim Chester- This is expository guide to the last book of the Bible is The Good Book Company free ebook of the month.

FREE UST Ministry Summer Class– This Union Mission  class includes lectures and seminars delivered in Zoom meetings. It’s free to attend this class.

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